Mobile Design

Eze Mobile for iPad

I worked as the lead UX designer of a complete UI rework of the Eze Mobile iPad application which included both developing new functionality and updating the UX to iOS7 standards and design patterns. I redesigned all icons, adjusted the UI for a smoother workflow, created a loading splashscreen and new progress controls, and designed all components for both a light and dark theme.


Due to company policy, the only public images available are on the iTunes website.

iTunes Store: Eze Mobile for iPad


Hudl Sharing Redesign

Increase users ability to upload videos from YouTube as well as easily share videos with coaches and other players.

home home-copy import-videos-youtube-my-list import-videos-youtube-selected2 import-videos-youtube-selected2 video-full-screen video-full-screen-share-selected

I used an expandable sharing button that would allow from quick access to favorite users and YouTube to quickly share a video. More options for sharing can be found be pressing the button again (which changes into a “More” icon button).

FitBit Mobile Alarm Redesign

Details for why I designed these settings can be found in this blog post.

Reminder Settings FitBit Calendar

Weather App Ideas

Inspiration for these design can found in this blog post.

Combine Scroll

Evening Weather