Logos and Images

Boston_Design Month 2018 DesignMonthBadge_2018

Design work I completed for Eze Design Month, a month long UX Team initiative to increase the awareness of good design company wide. Posters were printed and hung in the office and I printed the stickers as badges that attendees could proudly display on their computers.


R2D2      C3P0      Boba

Learning how to use Sketch 3 for vector images through the creation of 3 of my favorite characters. You can see my progress from the simply shapes of R2-D2 to the combined shapes of C3P0 to the more complicated layers and textures of Boba Fett. Hopefully more characters are in my future. My favorite way to learn a new design programs is to create something fun!



Soooo good you almost taste it, that first cup of hot black drink of the gods. Too bad it’s a drawing..and yet, immortalized. This is one of my Photoshop drawings that attempts to reach reality purely through vector shapes and patterns. Even those bubbles are hand-drawn.



New logo I designed for NW Heat and Cool Inc.  Their previous logo did not capture the nature of their business. I keep it simple with eye catching colors while maintaining the professionalism of the company.

Below is a side project I did for a friend. We have been developing some ideas for a charity and coffee bean import company called GUD Works Coffee. This was a brainstorming session for a unique logo and business card. To find out more, visit: http://gudworks.com/. The site is a work in progress and also is maintained by yours truly.

And some just for fun Photoshop.