Let’s UX: LevelUp

This is LevelUp. I love LevelUp. It’s a digital wallet with easily earned rewards that’s available in many places in Boston, especially surrounding my office.

Mobile Portrait

One thing I realized the other day was the “Order Ahead” button, or rather, realized that I’d never realized it was there. I’ve always used the Order Ahead functionality by clicking the location icon. I felt like the button could use a little more emphasis so I quickly designed some Sketch mockups to experiment with different button colors and placements.

A brighter call to action button would draw the user’s attention much better than the current outline. I like the placement because of it’s easily accessible placement for the thumb of the mobile user. But lower on the screen decreases how well it stands out. I would be interested in what a user test would discover about different colors, placements and callouts on the “Order Ahead” button.

Mobile Portrait Button Style Mobile Portrait Button Style Copy Mobile Portrait Button Style Copy 2 Mobile Portrait Button Style Icon

A note on the location icon. I’ve found this area a little deceiving because when clicked, it lists out the restaurants closest to you but does not show you the location of the restaurant until you click into the restaurant page. I would love to see a city map view that I could use to compare distances for when I need a quick bite and don’t have time to walk very far.