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 The Evolution of Icons

I wanted to challenge my icon design skills and think of new ways to quickly design vector icons, as well as have some fun, flat icons to use in my resume.

  1. The first page is a hand-drawn sketch page. I only dedicated 2 minutes to each icon, although for a few concepts, I did two versions. I did two versions of portfolio, two for ideas or projects, two for “like”, and many to represent mobile devices (including “selfie” in the lower right-hand corner. I wanted to play with the idea of “wireframe” icons since wireframing is a huge chunk of my life. When challenging myself to design a clock, I did a traditional design and then realized the impact that stopwatches (although usually on a phone) play into my life whether it be running or a 3 minute timer for a cup of coffee. I also decided to include the basics like options, edit, email, and chat.
  2. Page 2 is the first round of migrating my drawings to Illustrator and translating my pencil strokes to shapes and lines. I went for a simple, 3 color scheme with black outlines. Some of my original sketches didn’t make it to this round as I realized that my designs didn’t translate to basic shapes very well. I added a traditionally shaped camera, an education icon, an additional version of chat and email.
  3. My next step was to colorize my icons. I came up with a fun palette to vary the backgrounds and fills.
  4. While flat is so in right now, flatter is fashionable too. I transformed my icons to a simple white stroke but kept the funky background colors for a little life in my set.
  5. But as the icons take life, I wish to evolve them and thus, the final result (so far). More, color, more depth…more fun.
    1. I really wanted an icon to demonstrate A/B UX testing, important items in my everyday life, and what is more fun than beer? I’m sure there will be a UI that requires the usage of all.

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