Build A Better Weather (App)

I don’t like any of my weather apps. With the exception of “Weather Kitty”, they are cold, passive and out of touch with my life. Some don’t even update based on my location, which is the weather I am interested in 99% of the time. And when it comes to how the weather will affect my daily activities, things get even more complicated as I switch back and forth between my calendar and my apps.

My biggest need in weather in the hourly predictions, how the subtle weather changes will affect my day. The problem is that I don’t always the context to know how the weather will affect your day. You might randomly check right before you head outside but what about seeing your whole day laid out with the weather. Wouldn’t it be great to have calendar events synced to my weather app, at least those I’ve tagged as outdoor activities; my commute, a doctor’s appointment or the time I prefer to go for a run.

The idea is the vertical scrolling takes you through your day. The background gradients subtly guild you through the day’s sunrise, predicted weather and sunset.

Combine Scroll
The bottom portion should show the most important information of the day and have scrolling capabilities to show more information like humidity, sunrise, pollen count, etc.

A simple swipe brings up the next days weather along with your scheduled events.

Evening Weather